At Spurretts we are very aware of the importance of protecting your eyes from the sun, in much the same way as you would always protect your skin from harmful UV rays it is vital that you also protect your eyes.

Ultraviolet light can damage the tissues of the eye ie; the retina, cornea & lens, causing cataracts, retinal damage and age related macular degeneration can all be caused by too much sun and no protection.

Whether hiking in the mountains, enjoying a beach holiday or relaxing by a lake, it’s worth making sure your sunglasses are to hand. We have a wide range of exceptional quality sunglasses, now available with prescription lenses or clip on lenses which are a great and highly practical alternative.

We also stock lenses to omit glare and lenses to enhance sports and offer extra eye protection such as for golf, watersports, high mountain walking and many outdoor activities.

I purchased a pair of Oakley Straightjacket sunglasses from you recently, made up to my prescription...I have to say both the glasses & the service were amazing, the glasses are something else - I hate being without them now!

Stuart CrawfordKendal