Sports Eyewear

All sports present special visual problems. Some sports are just plain dangerous and require mechanical protection, some require protection from ultra violet and some need special lens properties to increase concentration, cut infections or reduce fatigue.

For those of us who need prescription lenses for sport these problems can be exaggerated. The curvature of the lens required to give good clear vision can also increase distortion and make co-ordination and judgement about seeing or hitting a ball difficult. These problems will increase with age.

Practising sports gives you a better quality of life but it can be difficult to practise your favourite activity if your spectacle lenses do not adapt to it after the age of 45. During sport 80% of information comes from vision!

At Spurrett Eyewear we are regularly asked for sports related eyewear, the range of eyewear available for so many sports is vast! We do our upmost to research the best quality lenses and frames to suit the sport in question and are happy to discuss your requirements on an individual basis. Essilor has created Varilux Sport lenses to meet the visual requirements of all your sporting activities and we are able to provide all of their latest ranges.

Golfers may need lenses that improve green contrast; they may need frames that are windproof. Watersport fanatics will be looking for lenses with an anti-reflective coating and a high level of sun protection. High mountain activities will require additional layers of anti-reflective coating to improve contrast and protect from glare.

Frames need to be unbreakable, shock and impact resistant, lighter weight and with flush mounted lenses.

Spurrett also recommend contact lenses for sport.


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As the eye ages and visual correction becomes necessary, all of us experience difficulty adapting our game to accommodate spectacle wear. With contact lenses the ball or the foothold, the hurdle or the path are the same size, in the same position, move at the same speed and are in distortion free space – just as they were in our youth! I regard them as a piece of my sports kit!

Alan SpurrettOwner