Eye Examinations

Our Optometrists are Alan Spurrett, Dieter Gringinger & Giles Wilson. With a wealth of experience, they also bring with them a knowledge and confidence that will put you at ease.

The Standard eye test takes around half an hour and everything you need to know will be discussed and explained during this time.

First there is a preliminary screening of your retina, cornea, refractive state and intraocular pressure using the very latest retinal photography, corneal topography, focimetry & auto refraction. This all takes about ten minutes and is completely objective and automatic. Following this any symptoms will be discussed and noted. This is followed by a detailed assessment of the refractive state of the eye and the binocular function. After this your visional state will be discussed & explained and any recommendations as to necessary correction can be made.

We now also offer our Advanced eye test which includes taking a 3D scan of the structure of the inside of the retina, giving you an invaluable ongoing record of the health & condition of your eyes. We do this by taking a photograph and a three dimensional cross sectional scan of the back of your eye with a 3D OCT Camera. It takes no more than ten minutes and is simple, non-invasive and completely painless.

Under the MECS (Minor Eye Conditions Scheme) introduced by Morecambe Bay Health Authority we now offer FREE EMERGENCY APPOINTMENTS for minor eye conditions such as dry eye, conjunctivitis, the onset of flashes & floaters or foreign bodies. You don’t have to be a registered patient at the Practice to qualify for a free consultation, you just have to live in the Morecambe Bay Health Authority Area. Visitors to the region can also be seen for a £50 fee. If you have any urgent concern regarding your eyes, call the Practice today for an over the phone assessment. 01539 720815

Just wanted to say thank you to Alan & Sally Spurrett for how well looked after I have been. The whole experience of having eyes tested and choosing glasses is very personalised and you are not made to feel like a 'number'. Thank you for all the wonderful service and attention I have been given over the years

Kathryn GlassKendal

After being really worried about coming for my first ever eye examination, the staff were so welcoming & professional that it was such an enjoyable experience, I can't believe I put it off for so long! With Di's help it was very easy to choose my first pair of specs and now I'm really looking forward to wearing them!

Trudy WharramKendal

Dieter, I must congratulate you on your professionalism. I was going to mention the discomfort with the bridge at the end of the examination, but you spotted, in seconds, that there was a problem. What a relief, at last comfort was restored and I no longer want to fling them across the room!

Michael WattersDent

Regular OCT screening can check for conditions such as age related macular degeneration, diabetes, glaucoma, macular holes and vitreous detachments.

Whilst we are pleased to report that most peoples results are not cause for concern, it is reassuring to know you have given yourself the best eye health check-up you can and if any remedy is sought it is good to know it has been dealt with quickly and thoroughly.

Qualified in Austria in 1983, Dieter has worked all over the world including Switzerland, Kuwait, Botswana & Ethiopia.

“It was in India, working at the School for Perfect Eyesight that I became interested in Vision Therapy and eye exercises especially for kids with learning difficulties. I have been with Spurretts since 2001 where I was able to follow this interest as a member of BABO” (British Association of Behavioural Optometrists).

When Dieter does have time on his hands, he will usually be found outdoors, gardening or tending to his bees! His customers come from far and wide for his honey!

Alan retains a special interest in contact lens fitting, is a member of the British Contact lens Association and holds both a MSc in contact lens design and the DCLP, the highest contact lens diploma of the British College of Optometry. Alan is able to put any advancements in contact lenses to the test whilst following his passion for climbing.