Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses were one of Leonardo D’Vinci’s better ideas, unfortunately he didn’t have the technology to actually make them – fortunately Spurrett Optometry has!

Alan Spurrett holds a MSc in contact lens design and a D.C.L.P the highest contact lens diploma in contact lens fitting. Alan has a special interest in contact lenses for sport, he is an enthusiastic contact lens wearer and has personal experience of all types of contact lens wear including his present multi-focal lenses which are an essential piece of his sports kit!

Contact Lenses provide optimum vision correction. They put the power back on the eye as it was intended.  Not only are they cosmetically perfect but they give the wearer completely distortion free vision without the troublesome magnification or minification associated with spectacles.

Modern lenses provide sensationless comfort and can correct virtually every sight defect perfectly. They can’t fall out, dust can’t get under them and they don’t steam up.

We specialise in all types of contact lenses – from rigid gas permeable, multifocal/bifocal to soft daily disposables. As we are independent we are not tied to anyone supplier or manufacturer so we really can recommend the best lenses to suit you and your lifestyle. We are also a Johnson & Johnson centre of Excellence and offer very competitively priced high quality lenses. We also provide post-fitting aftercare which involves one of our team helping you get the hang of using your contact lenses and we provide ongoing monitoring of your corneal health.

If you decide contact lenses are the right choice for you, you will find that it is necessary to visit the Optometrist more often. It is usual to visit every six months for contact lens follow ups if you are a regular wearer and annually if you only wear contact lenses every now and again.

All the costs associated with contact lens wear can be covered by joining our OPTIPLAN monthly payment solution.

For advice on how to wear and maintain your lenses, try the new Lenspal app…

Dear Spurretts, What brilliant service - I arrive home after a four week trip to find my new lenses waiting for me, just as I was beginning to get low!

P. CookKendal