What other health problems can eye exams reveal?

By 16th August 2017Blog

Visiting an optician periodically is so important because the examinations can be used to detect a series of different conditions and health concerns. At Spurrett Optometry we have a wealth of experience and provide the most professional eye exams Kendal residents could ask for. As a result we can offer them the very best support and advice.

There are seven major health conditions an optician may be able to spot signs of during an eye test. They include:

Diabetes – during the examination the optician will be able to see signs of blood or yellow fluid leaking from the capillaries in the retina. Either can indicate a condition known as diabetic retinopathy.

Hypertension – if blood vessels in the eye are bent, kinked or torn it can indicate that the person is suffering from high blood pressure.

Autoimmune disorders – eye inflammation can be caused by a number of things, including a disorder in the autoimmune system. Lupus is one of the most noticeable conditions.

High cholesterol – a yellowish tinge on the cornea or a yellow ring around it could indicate cholesterol issues. The blood vessels in the retina could also show signs of plaques.

Thyroid disease – bulging or protruding eyeballs is a condition known as Graves’ Disease. This indicates a problem with the thyroid.

Cancer – the optician will take a close look at the structure of the eyes during the exams. If it is unusual it could indicate cancer. Ocular melanoma is the most common type of tumour found in the eye.

Other tumours – a drooping eyelid or unusually shaped pupil can indicate that there is a tumour or even an aneurism.

As you can see the opticians are looking for far more than just the quality of your vision. It is vital you get your eyes tested as frequently as the optician requests, even if you feel that your eyesight has not changed since your previous test.

When they want to book professional eye exams Kendal residents only need call or drop in to see us personally.