What can we expect from contact lenses in the future

By 25th September 2017Blog

As if contact lenses weren’t already handy inventions, they are going to become even more functional in the future. Today, they may be used to correct various eye defects and also provide sensationless comfort. Tech giants like Samsung and Google are also developing ‘smart contacts’ that can do much more than current ones. At Spurrett Optometry we always look forward to ensure we provide the best range of contact lenses Kendal residents can choose from.

Recent TV shows such as the Black Mirror have explored contact lenses that can be used as an intelligent piece of technology. Surprisingly, it turns out that we’re not actually too far from this concept. The new contacts are being tested as a way of monitoring diseases, including diabetes.

This development is meant to help diabetics measure blood glucose levels without regular finger picking. It will work by using microelectronics to measure the glucose levels in the person’s tears. Not only are Google trying to develop this idea, but the likes of Medella Health are too. They claim their contact lenses will cost an estimated $25 to make, compared to Google’s $200.

These contacts could be considered a breakthrough for millions worldwide living with diabetes, allowing them to have access to a pain free and simple way of monitoring their glucose levels. We can also be expectant to see the lenses be a part of other exciting benefits, such as them becoming social entertainment features.

Our vision is one of the most important senses we have. We depend on it all of the time when awake, and the use of contact lenses has enabled more people to enjoy good vision without wearing glasses. With new technological advancements coming fast the future is definitely bright for contact.

Spurrett Optometry can provide you with products that suit your requirements best, ensuring a comfortable fit and giving you good vision. If they need a helpful service for contact lenses Kendal residents should get in touch with us today. We will guide them through the process and do tests to ensure they choose the right contacts.