Tips for buying children’s glasses

By 25th August 2017Blog

At Spurrett Optometry we have grown into the leading provider of children’s glasses Kendal has to offer. We understand how difficult the choice can be, both for parents and the children themselves. We try to make it as fun as possible to explore different frames and decide which to opt for.

The big problem with choosing glasses for children is selecting a pair that they want to wear, that will be comfortable, and that will last. Getting the right combination of all three is tricky but here are some tips that may help.

Consider lens thickness

Children aren’t likely to enjoy wearing glasses with really thick lenses. Luckily thinning technology has advanced a great deal so even strong prescription lenses can be made much thinner. A smaller lens will also have less likelihood of blurring or distortion at the thickest edges. If a lens does need to be a little thicker try to choose a frame that will hide it better.

Plastic or metal

The key is to choose a frame that is light so the glasses are comfortable to wear whilst also ensuring they are strong and durable. Plastic and metal can tick all three boxes. You need to choose the material carefully ensuring you get the right style for your child.

Bridge fit

A proper bridge fit is important because it will make the glasses comfortable and prevent them from slipping. The problem is that children are still growing. The bridge of the nose may therefore not be large enough. It is important to select a frame that will fit properly, preferably one with adjustable nose pads.

Spring hinges

Children are not always carefully when they put on and take off their glasses. This could result in faster wear and more frequent adjustments unless you choose spring hinges. They are a good feature and can also make wearing them more comfortable.

Lens material

Potentially the most important decision you will make. The lenses in children’s glasses will take a bit of a beating and see some hard wear. To avoid scratching and damage they should be made from more durable materials. It is wise to go for a material that is lightweight that also provides more protection against UV rays. Polycarbonate is one of the best options.

At Spurrett Optometry we can help parents looking for the best children’s glasses Kendal has to offer. Our range is extensive and our team can help select a style that offers a comfortable fit and durability. Please contact us if you would like any help.