The importance of eye exams for teens and pregnant people

By 31st August 2017Blog

Our passion is to provide clients with the most timely and accurate visual assessments and corrections. At the same time, we also strive to deliver only the absolute finest in spectacle lenses, frames and contacts. With a team of the most talented opticians Kendal has available behind us, we are the ones to contact if you want to take good care of your eyesight.

Eye examinations play a substantial role in maintaining healthy eyesight. Aside from telling you whether glasses are a necessity or if your prescription requires an amendment, they are vital because they can detect certain medical conditions. The consensus is that a person needs to book an eye exam every two years unless otherwise advised. Should you notice any changes in your sight, start experiencing particular symptoms, or if you belong to a specific age group, then it would be best to book a test at the first given opportunity.

A myriad of individuals shall need prescription eyewear once they reach their teen years. The reason why is because this is when near-sightedness and the likes of myopia tend to develop. Encouraging your teens to undergo regular eye exams is crucial. If left uncorrected, their vision can have a major impact on school and social lives, sporting potential, or even future employment.

During pregnancy the body experiences numerous adjustments, some of which are related to the eyes. Dry eyes and distorted or blurred vision all come about as the result of hormonal shifts. Try not to worry too much; these issues are likely to have developed naturally and shall vanish eventually. It’s always a smart move to visit an optician anyway however, just in case there’s something else afoot.

At Spurrett Optometry, we supply customers with eye examinations as well as contact and spectacle lenses, sports eyewear, and sunglasses. People of all ages are welcome, and we have a dedicated service focusing specifically on youngsters, something we highly recommend you look into.

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