The difference between a contact lens and an eye exam

By 3rd November 2017Blog

A usual eye exam is not the same as a test prior to getting contact lenses. For those wearing contacts, the check is necessary to make sure the lenses are suitable for both eyes, and the eye health is not harmed by wearing them. At Spurrett Optometry we are the best for eye exams Kendal has to offer but also provide contact services too. As a result we are well placed to explain the differences between the tests.

A comprehensive eye exam is a vital component of caring for your overall health, whether or not you need vision correction. These examinations enable an optometrist to check for any signs of serious health conditions like diabetes and hypertension. During the routine tests your optometrist will look for any signs of glaucoma, determine your strength of prescription, check your vision sharpness, check the fluid pressure, and examine how your eyes work together.

If you have contacts you additionally need to go through a contact lens eye exam as well as the comprehensive one. Your optometrist will carry out special tests here to evaluate your vision with the lenses. The initial test will measure the surface of your eye to help decide what type and size lens are best for you. They may also perform a tear film evaluation to make sure you produce enough to comfortably wear them.

Using those test results, your optometrist can supply you with a contact lens prescription that is most suitable for your eyes. A prescription for lenses for glasses is no substitute for the contact exam as the two are different. A prescription for glasses measures approximately 12mm from the position of lenses to your eyes; whereas contacts sit directly on your eye. Any improper fittings can cause serious damage to your vision.

There are the options of disposable or extended wear contacts to choose from once you have completed the examination. Also, whichever you wear, its strongly advised you get a regular eye exam anyway.

Here at Spurrett Optometry, we offer a comprehensive range of eye care services. We are the best for eye exams Kendal has to offer, delivering such consistently high standards we work with families for generations. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please get in contact with us today.