Spurretts – Advice for Minor Eye Conditions

By 14th August 2017Uncategorised

Spurretts are proud to have joined forces with Morecambe Bay Health Authority to offer a first point of contact for people experiencing minor eye conditions.

Whether it’s a foreign body in the eye, flashes & floaters or watery & sore eyes, Spurretts Opticians have experienced Optometrists on hand for minor emergencies.

Patients are treated free of charge under the scheme set up by MBHA and can be referred to hospital if necessary. GP’s are supporting the scheme and most patients are seen within 24-48hours depending on the severity.

We have already had quite a few patients call back to thank us for both treatments and swift referrals that have led to medication being prescribed or emergency operations that have saved peoples sight.

We are proud to be involved in the scheme and help people get the necessary help as soon as possible.