Lightweight glasses are the way towards maximum comfort

By 18th October 2017Blog

Spurrett Optometry has a very specific focus; to supply our customers with top calibre optometric care from start to finish. Whether it is you or your children that require new glasses, we shall go through all the options with you until we’ve found a suitable frame. Employing some of the best opticians Kendal has, we will ensure you are happy with the style and comfortable.

The lighter your glasses are, the easier they will be to wear. Prime comfort is obtained by making your lenses, not to mention the frame, as lightweight as possible. Contemporary production procedures and a number of lightweight substances used for both frames and lenses have made owning eyeglasses that provide excellent quality at an appreciably low weight a reality.

This may come as a surprise, but the sensitivity of the nose is so immense that you are able to notice every gram that rests on it. The most prudent answer would be a pair of specs that we had forgotten were on, a design that is able to perform its task without us being aware of them. This would eradicate the issue that is indentations on our noses and irritation resulting from the sides legs of the frame. Simultaneously, this can enhance their fit and make them feel more soothing.

Athletes and children aren’t the only ones affected by this either. Ultra-light frames and weight-optimised lenses are capable of making the headaches caused by heavier models a past problem for all. To acquire maximum comfort, it’s clear that we must lower the weight.

At Spurrett Optometry, we strive to merge timely and accurate eye exams with a supreme choice of lenses and frames. Having travelled to many international exhibitions, we witness all the newest creations and only bring the best of them back to our clinic. That way we can assure clients that we have personally observed the quality.

If there is something the best opticians Kendal has can aid you with, don’t hesitate to contact us.