How often should eyes be tested?

By 7th August 2017Blog

At Spurrett Optometry, one of the most professional teams of opticians Kendal has, we are committed to giving members of the local community the best eye care and advice possible. One question we regularly receive is how frequently eyes should be examined. We are happy to dedicate this blog to answering it.

Eye examinations are essential for two reasons. Firstly, they help to protect your vision and ensure the prescription is right if you need glasses or contacts. Secondly, regular checks help to spot early signs of problems developing. This advanced detection is vital because it means treatment can start sooner to reduce the risk of damage.

Generally children from the age of 3 to 18 should have their eyes tested every two years. Adults from 18 to 60 also tend to only require tests every other year. Over 60s may be asked to take annual checks to make sure disorders related to aging are not developing.

The above is just a rough guide. More frequent tests will be required for people who have high risk factors including a family history of eye problems, diabetes sufferers, and people who work in visually demanding jobs or those hazardous to the eyes.

In addition people may need more frequent eye examinations if they struggle with eye problems or if the optician recommends it. If you ever have a problem with your vision it is best to book a test as soon as possible so that it can get looked at rather than waiting.

The team at Spurrett Optometry will work hard to create the perfect eye testing schedule for you. After your first test we will advise you when a follow up will be needed and help you to stay organised. During tests we will provide a wealth of information about what we are looking for and what we find.

If you want help from the most approachable opticians Kendal has please contact us. You can always expect a warm welcome and professional help with us.