Don’t bring lenses into contact with tap water

By 15th November 2017Blog

Everyone deserves to see clearly; this is something we aim to help every one of our customers achieve. Stocking some of the best contact lenses Kendal has to offer, we have the means to provide you with the vision correction that you need to fully enjoy life. Specialising in a wide variety of lens types, including soft daily disposables and rigid gas permeable, we’re confident that we have a fitting solution for everyone.

There is a myriad of advantages to using contact lenses, such as convenience, comfort, and cost effectiveness. However, they demand a massive amount of responsibility from their users. For the sake of health & safety, it’s essential that you are aware of all the rules surrounding these eyepieces. To assist you with this area, we’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts that will keep you from creating any serious issues.

Prior to handling the lenses, ensure that your hands are properly washed and dried. Rinse extensively and avoid cream based soaps. If you normally dry yourself using paper towels that leave behind fibre residue, stop doing so and find a clean towel instead. Anyone who has long nails will want to think about trimming them too, as it’s easy for them to harm the contacts.

Something you don’t want to do is expose the lenses to tap water. This rule applies when storing them as well. The water from taps can carry a wide array of bacteria, microorganisms and traces of various metals and minerals that cause consequential eye infections. Instead, only stick to liquids that were created specifically for your lenses such as saline solution.

At Spurrett Optometry, due to our independent status, we aren’t attached to a single manufacturer or supplier. This allows us to make recommendations on those eyewear products we feel would most suit your unique lifestyle. Furthermore, we offer a post-fitting aftercare service, where we aid you in familiarising yourself with the new lenses or glasses and observe the health of your eyes.

If you are in need of contact lenses Kendal has no better supplier than us. Please get in touch with our team today to discuss contacts, arrange for a test, and learn all you need to about wearing and caring for them.