Dispensing children’s glasses

By 28th November 2017Blog

Fitting glasses for children takes skill and patience; this is why the job of measuring and adjusting the frames needs to be done by a qualified practitioner, namely an optometrist, dispensing optician or medical practitioner. So outlined in this blog is what should be considered when dispensing eyewear for children. At Spurrett Optometry we have become one of the best for children’s glasses Kendal has to offer and always enjoy sharing our knowledge.

Sometimes one of the biggest concerns parents have is their child overcoming the fear of looking different because of their eyewear. Spectacles have had a stigma which has even deterred some children from having them fitted. Fortunately, today glasses have become an accessory for fashion, therefore making children style and brand conscious. With this the optometrist may find dispensing them a bit more challenging. One of the dispensers’ roles is to involve both parents and children in the selection and benefits of wearing eyewear.

It is always crucial that the optometrist speaks at an appropriate language level for the age of the child, using simple terms, familiar words, and avoiding any technical jargon. This helps to improve the child’s understanding of why they have to wear glasses and the benefits that come with it.

The explanation of the eyewear prescription for a child and how it will improve their vision is what contributes to the fitting experience. Never jump to the conclusion that they’re uninterested by what you are saying, or have already heard it; this is because they are usually fascinated by new information.

Also, the optometrist must work fairly quickly as children can have a short attention span. Communication is always recommended at eye level, this is to help prevent them feeling intimidated.

It really is worthwhile getting your children’s glasses fitted by a professional optician. That way they can ensure the fit is right and the eyewear is comfortable. It can also build trust for the future. This means the next time your child needs a new pair of glasses they will already have a built a relationship with the optometrist.

If you would to know more about why Spurrett Optometry is the number one for children’s glasses Kendal has to offer, then please get in contact with us today. We are happy to provide information and advice.