Deciding on the best frames

By 11th August 2017Blog

Eyewear fashions evolve almost as frequently as clothing trends because glasses have the ability to completely change how you look. The introduction of new materials and designers constantly creating new styles means the market never stands still. As a result people have a lot of choice when they need to get new glasses.

At Spurrett Optometry we have worked hard over the years to ensure we always have an outstanding frame collection to choose from. We are constantly on the lookout for new brands and styles that people will love, whether it is wire frames, chunky designs, sports glasses, or well known labels. In fact we are confident we have the best selection of designer glasses Kendal residents can choose from.

With so many different frames on offer it is no surprise that people regularly ask us for tips and advice. We are always happy to help however we can.

There are generally three important things to consider before choosing frames. Firstly you want to ensure the frame size is to scale with your face. Secondly, ask yourself whether you want to contrast or complement the shape of your face. Finally, think about selecting frames that will bring out the colour of your eyes.

In order to offer the best selection of designer glasses Kendal residents can choose from we work hard to find the best international brands. Our independence means we are free to pick and choose styles, giving us a huge amount of freedom. We take advantage of this, visiting exhibitions and shows around the world to see what frames we want to stock.

Although you can find out about some of the brands we offer on our website we always recommend visiting us personally. The range in store is fantastic and you’ll have the chance to see how you look when wearing the frames. Our team can also offer suggestions to help you get a comfortable fit.