Be flexible with money spent on your eyes

By 31st October 2017Blog

With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the time to use your money wisely. One thought you may have overlooked is taking care of your eyes. This isn’t a wise strategy though and you should invest wisely in their health. The team at Spurrett Optometry, one of the best providers of designer glasses Kendal has, would like to provide some advice on what to spend on your eyes.

Any prescription eyewear

This includes reading glasses, sunglasses, designer glasses or sports eyewear as long as they suit your prescription lens. All are considered a medical device, and are therefore recognised as an essential purchase. If yours are broken, lost, or have lost clarity, it is time to invest in new ones.

Be stylish with your choice

Prescription glasses are something you will need to wear quite frequently, even if it is just for certain tasks. Take the time to choose eyewear that suits your style and think of them as a chance to treat yourself to a valuable, functional accessory.

Contact lenses do count

If you do have enough in your budget, then stocking up on contact lenses is wise for the coming year. Generally, disposables do require you to take care of them for an extended life. If you lead a busy life, purchasing a large amount in preparation for the year ahead could be more beneficial by saving you time and money.

Book an eye exam

Can you remember the last time you sat an eye exam? If you are due one, then consider booking an appointment and including it in your budget. Most optometrists will include an option for you to choose your designer glasses after an eye examination has been carried out.

If you require stylish designer glasses Kendal has no better supplier than us. Spurrett Optometry has built a great reputation by offering wonderful products and a fantastic level of service. Our team really care for our customers and we strive to deliver an unbeatable amount of support.

If you require our services, then please don’t hesitate to get in contact today.